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Adrianne by windowSpeaking and Workshop Themes


Speaking with parent groups and foster parent training, Adrianne uses humor, real-life examples and compassion to discuss delicate topics. They include:

  • Parenting children with special needs
  • Anxiety
  • Children with food allergies
  • Whole-hearted parenting
  • Divorce, co-parenting and parallel parenting
  • The challenges of raising children in the digital age

Inspirational and Relationships

Adrianne shares her personal struggles with shame, fear and judgment in an open and authentic manner that connects her with audiences of men, women and children alike. She shares her perspective on the role that mental health care has had in her life, as well as her pursuit of self-help education. Her message of enduring, healing and empowering ones’ self to rise above the trials of life hits home with her audiences. There is no person immune to the pain of shame, judgement and fear.


A Jesus follower, Adrianne enjoys speaking to diverse faith communities about her personal journey of spirituality, using real life examples to talk about topics such as inclusion, joy, peace. Her simple spiritual mantra: Love God and love people.


An advocate for the homeless in her own community, Adrianne speaks to service organizations, churches and associations about the complexities of homelessness. She offers a compassionate view of a national epidemic that is, in her opinion, one which can be positively impacted by educating others about the issues impacting the homeless such as mental illness, abandonment by families of origin and drug addiction.

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