Adrianne Hillman

While Do It Afraid™ is still a life practice and brand that is alive and well, I am no longer accepting private coaching clients or blogging on this site, as I am focusing my efforts on the cause nearest to my heart: homelessness. I am now the Founder + CEO of the non-profit Salt + Light Works, whose mission is to cultivate a community through dignified homes, jobs and healing to lift our neighbors experiencing homeless off the streets of Tulare County, California. For speaking inquiries or to join our movement, please visit or e-mail

I still practice my life with the Do It Afraid™ spirit, and still aim to teach others to Do It Afraid™ in their own daily lives. If you find this inspiring and want to continue exploring my work, you can find me on Instagram or Facebook @doitafraidgirl. Please send speaking inquiries which involve life coaching and the DIA approach to my inbox on those platforms or to

Thank you for your interest and support in my work. It means the world to me!

Highest and best,
Adrianne Hillman
Do It Afraid™ Girl